Dear Orange Blossom Developers,

I am writing to express our gratitude and thanks for the superb job on the construction of our house at 302 Morningside Drive. We had always heard building a house was the “most frustrating and aggravating thing you could do”. That couldn’t be further than the truth. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and ALL of your subcontractors. The construction on our custom waterfront house was the highest quality we could ask for. Your team was always available for questions and assistance. Todd Spenlau was so helpful and accessible throughout the entire building and final inspection process. His subcontractors respect him and were very focused on the quality of their work. I believe the one-on-one attitude of Orange Blossom as well as the integrity all the entire team are the things that make them so unique in the home-building business.

I would highly recommend Orange Blossom to anyone considering building a home and they will definitely be my first call if I every build another home. Thank you so much for making this time such an enjoyable process.


Sean and Channing McAurthur